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Module 3 - ICT Skills - Basics of Microsoft Word

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1. Basics of Microsoft Word - Formatting Text
activity 1


Brer Tortoise looked very wise when they asked for his opinion but, luckily, he wasa frienc of Brer Rabbit and wanted to hlp him.
"This is a very fifficult case," he said at last when both animals had explained what had happened, "but we must be certain that the law isn’t broken. before I decide, I must see the sene where this took place.
so off went the three animals.
Brer Tortoise poked the boulder and walked around it.
"There is only one way to decide, he said to Brer Wolf, "I must see just how u were traped". 
so Brer Wolf crawled under the boulder and the tortoise and the rabit rolled it him.



  • Copy the text above by dragging your mouse over it from Brer Tortoise to.....rolled it him" - click with your right mouse button and select "Copy". Open a new document in Microsoft Word and right click anywhere on the page and select "Paste". Save the document and call it "A Difficult Case - formatted"

  • Select the text and change the text colour to black,  (this, and all other skills mentioned here, is shown on the video - link below), make the nine changes suggested by the editor, make other changes not suggested by the editor, select and underline A Difficult Case and Signed by, select and add bold and italics to two words and finally select all the text and move the paragraph spacing to 1.5, as shown on the video. Save the file as a .docx calling it "A Difficult Case -formatted" It should look like the picture below the video link. 


Exercise 1 for Microsoft Word includes, formatting and editing a short paragraph before saving as a Word document. Text used is the story "A Difficult Case" When finished the document should look like the one below.

2. Creating a Wordbank using a Table in Word 
activity 2

Creating a Table

  • Create a table in a blank Microsoft Word document - Insert, Table - 5 columns by 7 rows.

  • Widen the fifth column. Then select all four other columns, right click and click on "Distribute Columns evenly"

  • Drag the table down the page using the loop on the bottom right of the table - drag until word cell size has been reached (as in image above)

  • Move the table down from the top of the page by grabbing and dragging the + tab o the top left of the table. This allows room for the title

  • Insert the title in two rows as shown, centre both lines and underline. Tab between Pupil and Date to create space.

  • Format the cells by selecting the cells (with nothing in them), select Comic Sans, Size 14 and centre align.

  • Insert the words shown in the diagram by starting in the first cell, typing word and then tabbing for the rest.

  • Save your file to your folder in My Documents - Call it "Exercise 2"

word 3.JPG

Activity 2 for Microsoft Word involves creating a wordbank of medium frequency words for use to encourage the pupil with SEN to increase the number of words they recognize at a glance. The video provides the instructions to create the wordbank. 

3. Assignment 1 - Case Study Template + Videos
activity 3
Activity 3 - Word

October 2023 - This section and template have been updated as advice is now to not have a page number on the cover page. Pagination (Page 1) now begins on the second page.

Assignment 1 - Case Study - 3/4 page Word document (not including the cover page)

  • Assignment 1 involves you addressing the questions posed on identifying primary and secondary needs and how you would address them for a pupil in your care. In terms of the document, you are expected to provide the following:
    1. Cover Page - in line with the look and wording added as an appendix to the Course Booklet 2023-2024
    2. Declaration Page - to declare that the work is your own.
    3. Answers to the Case Study questions.
    4. List of References - mainly Circular 30/2014.

  • To simplify the task for you, I have provided a template of the full 3/4 page document, including the cover page and declaration page. For this you are expected to remove "add your name here" etc and complete with your own specific details as required. Click on the button above to download the template - ready to go.

assignment 1.JPG
word 4.JPG

Activity 3 for Microsoft Word shows you how to access and use the Word template provided here (button above) for your assignments which includes cover  and  declaration pages and has three other empty pages (pre-numbered) to allow the course participant to address the case study questions. 

word 4.JPG

If you have already completed your work on Assignment 1 - Case Study but have not yet created a cover and declaration page, this short video will show you how to download the template and add your own case study answers to the cover and declaration pages. 

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