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Seesaw Resources

Here are some resources that you may find useful to assist you to become more accustomed to using Seesaw and to help with communication with home.

1. Essential Viewing - Getting Started with Seesaw - guides from preschool to high school - scroll down the page to view all - each one is a step-by-step booklet and is available in pdf format with multiple illustrations. 

2. Getting Started Checklist for Teachers - handy to ensure you remember everything. (pdf format)

3. Help on Best Practice - Remote Learning - Working from Home

4. PowerPoint on Remote Learning with Seesaw - ppt download

5. Handout 1 - Seesaw - Logging in as a Student (pdf) -  now available as webpage also

6. Handout 2 - Seesaw - Logging in as a Teacher (pdf) - completely updated Nov '20

7. Question Sheet for  Pupil Interview with Gran or Grandad - Word Format (can be edited) or PDF format

8. Slideshow on Getting to Know Seesaw - presented below - using many of the ideas from No.1 Seesaw booklet above and including a linked video on Seesaw in action in a primary school.

9. Handout 3 - NEW - As requested by several attendees to Webinar 1-4 - how to add a worksheet to Seesaw as a template - now available as webpage also

10. Laura's Top Tips for Seesaw Class - NEW - Working Remotely and Symbol Insertion shortcuts (2 pages in pdf format)

11. Laura's comparison of the advantages of the paid version of Seesaw over the free versionas requested by many webinar attendees. 


Seesaw Shortcuts
Click on image to view in full size on screen

1. Getting Started with Seesaw - Video Tutorials


Getting Started 1-  If you are new to Seesaw and need some help to get up and running for the first time then this is the video lesson for you. The video starts by showing you how to set up an account, add students, assign work and review that work as a teacher, adding comments.  


Getting Started 2    

This video takes a basic look at the settings cog on the left and the wrench tool on the right. It also takes a closer look at the tools available to the student when responding to an activity set by the teacher.


2. Creating Resources with Seesaw -Video Tutorials


Tutorial 1-  Creating Resources for Seesaw

Here we are adding a customised numeracy resource from to Seesaw. This is the first in a series of videos - now on YouTube to allow any SEN teacher the opportunity to customise a literacy resource already created. 


Tutorial 2 - Creating Resources for Seesaw 

Amending a Resource Already on Seesaw (from the Seesaw Community) This video involves taking a pre-made resource and adapting it to suit your own needs - in this case taking out some content in order to ensure pupils are capable of completing the activity.


Amend 2.JPG

Tutorial 3 - Creating Resources for Seesaw 

In this video, Laura revises how we can use the camera tool (within Seesaw) to capture an image and then include that image in a Seesaw activity, in this case to label the noun with five adjectives.



Tutorial 4 - Creating Resources for Seesaw 

This video involves using Maths Aids website to create a Maths resource, saving this as a pdf and uploading it to Seesaw to be completed by pupils. Some valuable tips along the way.



Tutorial 5 - Creating Resources for Seesaw 

This video shows how to use the SNIP tool to take a piece of an image and use it to create a sight words activity. This image has been sourced using the Images search in Google. Then clicking on Tools and selecting Usage as "Labeled for Reuse" as on video.



Tutorial 5 uses the image from Pix Clipart for this activity. You may wish to do the same.  To do this click on the link below: 

The instructions for creating the activity for Seesaw 2 - Creating A Word Bank - are here in pdf format


Tutorial 6 - Using SafeTube (now VideoLink) with Seesaw

In this video, Laura explains how to create a link to a website or online video. In the process she shows how to take the url from YouTube and paste it into in order to avoid any issues with suggested videos from YouTube down the side and also any ads popping up. (The video uses SafeTube - which is the old name, nothing else has changed)


google slides.jpg

Tutorial 7 - Using Google Slides with Seesaw

In this video we introduce Google Slides with Seesaw. Both Slides and Docs work well with Seesaw (but not Ppt). This video shows just one example (Cinnín Óir) of how Slides could be used to link to Seesaw. Hope you find it useful. Click on image on left or right.



Tutorial 8 - Archiving Pupil Work in Seesaw

In this video we show you how to archive pupil's journal work in Seesaw settings. This will ensure that all work completed by the pupil is backed up and a permanent e-portfolio is created of their work. 



Tutorial 9 - Self-Correcting Exercise -  "An Fómhar"

sing a pin from Pinterest called "An Fómhar" as a vocabulary source, SENteacher "Word and Picture Cards" as a template this is a n activity that pupils will be able to self-correct to ensure they are gaining the vocabulary for Autumn correctly.


Digital Sticker_Book.png

Tutorial 10 - Jan 2021 - Adding stickers to Journal entries when correcting pupil homework. This video has been added in response to several requests to point out where the stickers can be got and how to add them to the journal entries. You will need some program to extract files - I am using Express Zip - which is free for non-commercial use.


Tutorial 11 - Feb 2021 - Creating a Daily Schedule Using Seesaw - This video was promised after our webinar - the step by step approach repeating the same activity that Laura presented in that webinar. Hope ye find it useful



Tutorial 12 - In response to a specific request to show how Twinkl activities can be used in Seesaw, this is one such Autumn activity, a Maths matching activity, suitable for Junior/Senior Infants, sourced in Twinkl and attached as a pdf for pupils to annotate over and submit their completed assignment.



Tutorial 13 - This video is based on an activity from the Community section of the Seesaw library with three videos added to a slide from Google Slides and a Google Doc added also with questions on the videos accessed from YouTube. 


virtual classroom1.jpg

Tutorial 14 - Creating a Virtual Classroom using Seesaw. This video involves the creation of a virtual classroom from the very beginning. There are many activities (and steps) involved in this particular activity and the video is 45 mins in length. Thanks to Laura for recording and sharing this video. 



Slideshow from Questions and Answer Session on Seesaw

This slideshow was put together in response to queries set by participants in advance of the Q and A Session on Seesaw which was held on Tues 8th Sept @ 7 pm. Hope you find it useful.


ALSO - now available just below here in scrolling slideshow....

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