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Website Suggestions for Numeracy - based on the Survey Responses
  • - this must be the go-to website for preparation of activities to be completed as part of any home learning plan, literacy and numeracy - create pdfs and assign. 

  • Twinkl - Paid website but huge resources for all subjects  - important to know how to get the best out of the site.

  • Kleki -  a super introduction to paint tools - suitable for all ages but especially younger pupils

  • Toy Theater - amazing website with loads of fun games to reinforce every aspect of numeracy, teacher tools and much more.  Simple PowerPoint here to show some of the useful SEN games.

  • Khan Academy - always available free - very useful but learning curve to getting started successfully.

  • NCSE Website - mentioned by several SEN teachers as being especially helpful in the present circumstances The link provided here brings you straight to the primary teacher resources.

  • Maths-Aids - a super website for all sorts of customised Maths activities - creating worksheets for every primary school level - a little difficult to find your way around and many ads pop up - otherwise a great website. 

  • The Teacher's Corner - similar to Maths-Aids, tricky to get started but worth it in the end. Makes worksheets also.

  • Scratch - a super early programming, free website that will challenge mathematically and engage completely, ideal for the more able pupils especially.

Toy Theater

1. Creating a Customised Literacy Resource using This is the first in a series of videos - now on YouTube to allow any SEN teacher the opportunity to customise a literacy resource already created. 


2. Creating a Customised Numeracy  Resource using This video was designed with Seesaw uploading in mind, hence when you click on the activity, it jumps over the introduction and starts at the SENteacher - Numeracy section.


3. FOR PARENTS - if you wish to send the completed worksheet assignment, with answers written in by your son/daughter, using a laptop for this purpose then this video might assist you. Two apps, which are probably already on  your computer, Camera and Photos, are used in this capture. The activity on this video was created using  The Teacher's Corner website. 

addition 1.JPG

4. FOR PARENTS -  An opportunity to record the work of your son/daughter as completed ON SCREEN (not written on a worksheet). How to capture their responses using the SNIP tool that is freely available to every computer user now and save the resultant file as an image which then can be emailed to the teacher. The activity on this video was created using Toy Theater


5. Using the SNIP tool  -  A short simple video showing how to use the SNIP tool, which is available to everyone with a Windows operating system. I hope you find it useful

teachers corner.JPG

6. The purpose of this video is to help you navigate to create basic maths worksheets - not that easy to find in The Teachers Corner website but they are there so this should help you solve that one. 


7. This video has been added to show how to add extensions to Google Chrome such as th Open Dyslexic font, Talkie and Google Dictionary and the advantages for having them available when working with pupils with SEN from the senior level of primary school and upwards - right through secondary school. 

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