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Getting Started with Wix - Short Video Clips

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Section 1 - Keeping it Simple
  • ADDING TEXT - (4 min) This is a very short video showing you how to add text to a blank page - for the more detailed version click on Add Text in Section 2.


  • ADDING AN IMAGE  (3 min) our second video shows how an image is added. This is just the basics of adding an image (already resized and edited) For further information on how to resize and edit please go to Section 2.

peace park.JPG
  • ADDING A GALLERY (5 min) - this short video will show you how to add a gallery of images to the same page as the single image. This also involves making the page longer - more details added in Section 2

jackie clarke.JPG
  • ADDING A BLOG AND BLOG POST (11 min) - for this I will be using my computer to add a simple blog firstly and then a post as quickly and easily as possible. The video introduces Categories. which will be explained more in Section 2.

  • ADDING A BLOG POST USIING AN IPAD (6:25 min) using an iPad or other mobile device. Same as above, presume there is a blog there already and you wish to add a blog post using a mobile device.

Section 1a - Adding Text
Section 1b - Adding an Image
adding an image.jpg
Section 1c - Adding a Gallery
adding a gallery 2.jpg
Section 1d - Adding a Blog and Post - Desktop
Adding a Blog.jpg
Section 1e - Adding a Blog Post Using an iPad
Adding a Post 1.jpg
Section 2 - Going a Little Deeper
Section 2a - Creating a Page with text, images and boxes
wix 3.JPG
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