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Logging on to Seesaw as a Student

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It is important that every SNA is familiar with Seesaw in order to assist the pupil with SEN to complete assignments set by their class teacher. 

1. Getting Started with Seesaw - guides from preschool to high school - scroll down the page to view all - each one is a step-by-step booklet and is available in pdf format with multiple illustrations. 

2. PowerPoint on Remote Learning with Seesaw - ppt download

3. Handout  - Seesaw - Logging in as a Student (pdf) or click on the images below to get a closer look at each page of the pdf.

4. Top Tips for Seesaw Class - Working Remotely and Symbol Insertion shortcuts (2 pages in pdf format)


Seesaw Shortcuts
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Need a closer look at the pages below - click on any image to view a larger version

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Logging on to Seesaw as Student- Video Tutorials


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Getting Started with Seesaw 1 (for SNAs)

 If you are new to Seesaw and need some help to get up and running for the first time then this is the video lesson for you. The video starts with finding Seesaw on Google, logging on as a student using a code from the class teacher, becoming familiar with the Seesaw interface and getting to know the student tools.


Getting Started with Seesaw 2 (for SNAs)

In this video you will be guided through assisting the pupil with SEN to responding to their first two assignments as set by the class teacher, where to find the assignments and the instructions and what tools to use to complete the assignment before clicking the green correct button to submit the activities to their teacher.  


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