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White Feather Sanctuary, Bohola


This website was launched during Covid-19 and was completed using the software supplied by the website domain hosts. The hosts only allow three pages but website and hosting is available at a very competitive price, if it's a basic site you are looking for. 

Pharmafolder, Castlebar


Having successfully launched Little Treasures website, I was approached about creating a website for Pharmafolder, a new company, who were launching a service for pharmacies and pharmacists to help them comply with the many regulations in their sector. This project was accompanied by staff training on all aspects of website maintenance.


Little Treasures Creche and Playschool, Castlebar

Being comfortable with designing school websites and being fully aware of what schools are looking for and what issues need to be addressed by their website, this was my first attempt at a business site. As it was for a creche, many of the same issues apply as with a school. We were very happy with the final result and, based on reports by the client, the creche have had many contacts via the website since its launch. Staff training on maintaining the site blog was also provided. 

Why Business Sites?

Naturally, the brief for a business site is quite different than for a school website, so attempting to take on some business sites was a new challenge. Luckily, the companies involved made the initial approach and so began a new chapter.


Each of the websites listed on this page is very different from each other, the first two were again created using Wix but for the third, White Feather Sanctuary, the brief was very different as the web space and software to be used were already decided and I was asked to help create a website from within the rigid parameters that were already predetermined. 

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