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A special word of thanks to all those on Summer Course on ICTs for SEN 2022 for suggesting the links on the right. They wouldn't be available without their sharing of their expertise and experience - this was all in one session! Phew!

Links Suggested By Summer Course Participants for Developing Social and Emotional Skills. 

YARC is excellent for 2nd/3rd to 6th Here is the link to score online - really excellent and quick

Boxall Profile

Skills Streaming in the Elementary Setting

Weaving Wellbeing - recommended by several teachers. 

In the Driving Seat - based on Choice Theory by William Glaser 

NEPS - Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties - a free downloadable pdf handbook. 

NEPS - Special Educational Needs A Continuum of Support - Resource Pack for Teachers - Primary Schools

Social worker suggested a resource called "Promoting Emotional Resilience" for a very anxious child.

Zones of Regulation

Social Express is a great resource for helping teach social skills.

How Does Your Engine Run - similar to Zones of Regulation

Malie Coyne’s - Love in, Love Out - highly recommended book. It is about parenting an anxious child, but so relevant for classroom.

Mindfulness for 7 - 11 Year Olds - Paws B

Alex Kelly series of self esteem books. Assessments included

My Learner ID designed by Dr. Suzanne Parkinson, Developmental & Educational Psychologist - A self assessment workbook/wellbeing resource

Social Worker Toolbox - free resources

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