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Our Video Tutorials for G Suite and Google Classroom
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Introduction to G Suite File Management and Google Docs

Making a start with G Suite for the first time, accessing your new G Suite account, logging on, overview of apps available, creating and managing folders. Also, using Google Docs for the first time, adding text and images, naming and saving documents.


Introduction to Google Slides

This 30 minute video takes you through adding slides, images, transitions, animations and sound to your Google Slides presentation. It is called "My Favourite Holiday Destination and follows the same route as presented in the webinar.

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Introduction to Google Sites

This forms the third webinar in the series "Getting to Grips with G Suite" and involves creating a website on Elephants from scratch with Google Sites right up to website launch. The video is 20 mins long but worth it if you would like to know how to get started, how to change template, add images, a carousel, a YouTube video and collapsible text boxes. 

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New: Accessing Google Classroom for the First Time.

Getting your G Suite app, Google Classroom moving for the first time, accessing Google Classroom, overview of tabs, creating a new class, adding pupls to class and creating first assignment. This is my version of logging on for the first time. The video below was sourced on the Internet.


Using Kami and Mote with Google Classroom.

When pupils respond to an activity set in pdf format they usually would need to download, print, complete and then photograph the completed assignment. Kami allows them to annotate over the pdf and when saved to submit the digital version complete with answers. Mote is a super communication tool between teacher and pupil which works seamlessly with G. Classroom.


Logging in for the First Time to G Suite

  • Logging on to a G Suite account for the first time can be tricky. The easiest way is to log out of any other account and start from scratch as shown here. If you have a log in blue button on the top right of Google search window then you are halfway there!


Creating New Accounts and Group

  • Our second video shows how to add accounts to  G Suite when logged in as Administrator. Only the SuperAdmin can add new email accounts but the Super Admin can decide to have several other Super Admins - this can be done in the Admin Roles section. Also on this video is creating a class GROUP using some of these email accounts.


Adding Pupils to Google Classroom

  • When adding pupils to Google Classroom you first open your Classroom Teacher account (must be logged in as a teacher), then you will see the classes, if any, already set up. On the top right corner, you click on the + button and opt to create a new class. When this is done - open the account, click on the People tab at the top and Invite students to join as is shown on the video.


Creating Resources from a Worksheet

  • This video was created by an American teacher, named Amy, and shows very clearly how you can use a worksheet that you already have to act as a template for pupils to fill in the boxes but does not allow them to alter the template itself. 


Do Google Extensions work with Classroom

  • Yes, Google Extensions such as Talkie and Google Dictionary work really well with Google Classroom. This video aims to show exactly that in operation. 


Using Extensions with G Suite

  • Our first video for G Suite is showing how it can be linked to the Google Extensions - Talkie and Google Dictionary to allow a pupil with SEN in a secondary school to gain a level of independence  when using Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Classroom and Google Forms.

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