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Getting to Grips With G Suite for Education - One App at a Time!

Download the step by step pdf guide of creating  assignments from ebooks and uploading to Google Classroom - here (compiled by Kevin Keena)

1. G Suite - Google Docs - Online Lessons

  1. What Can You Do with Google Docs - web step-by-step guide on Docs from G Suite Learning Centre - click on arrows on blue button on top to move to next lesson. 

  2. Google Docs - inserting text only - Introductory video - super video with something for all users, including indents, page layout, columns and much more....

  3. Google Docs - Adding Pictures to your document. 

  4. Slideshow brimming with practical suggestions on using Google Docs in the classroom - American but very useful!

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docs 4.jpg


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2. G Suite - Google Slides

  1. Googles Slides - step by step web guide from G Suite Learning Centre - click on the arrows on the blue button on top to move from one lesson to the next. Lessons are 1. Create and Import Files 2. Add Content to Your Presentation 3. Share and Collaborate Files 4. Print and Download Files 5. Give a Presentation with Slides 6. Access your Calendar, Notes and Tasks.

  2. Google Slides - video by David Lee - full introduction - excellent video, very fast paced, will need to pause and rewind but very well worth it. Many super novel ideas including using Slides to create vector graphics and saving them as jpegs. 

slides 2.jpg


slideshow 2.jpg


3. G Suite - Google Classroom

1. Five great tips when using Google Classroom - YouTube Video 

2. Using Google Classroom for Remote Learning - YouTube Video

3. Creating an Editable Resource using a PDF - brilliant, well thought out video.

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