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Step by Step Video Guides to G Suite (with timestamps)
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Step by Step G Suite Guides (with timestamps):
1. Introduction to Google Docs 

This is an introductory video to Google Docs  and shows how to add text and images. Each timestamp brings you straight to that point in the video.



0:00 Intro

0:28 Create a new File

0:40 Create a file within Google Drive

1:05 Create a new file in the Omnibox with the new shortcuts

1:16 Name, star and move your files from within the Editor

1:55 Overview of the interface

2:06 An overview of all the View menu options

3:12 Different modes of working within Google Docs (Editing, Suggesting and View mode)

4:12 Everything about formatting text

4:25 Adding more fonts to Google Docs

5:07 text Styles with titles, headers and paragraph styles

5:35 Add your own formatting to the text styles

6:40 Insert a table of contents (With page numbers for print, or as digital hyperlinked table of contents)

8:00 An overview of the insert menu

8:17 Insert images in different ways(Upload, Drive, Photos, built-in search and Webcam or camera)

9:24 Insert a table

9:27 Insert a Google Drawing (Two ways, Embedded or contained drawing, Interactive linked drawing)

10:35 Insert a graph or chart (Two ways Embedded or linked to a sheets)

11:00 All about headers and footers including some advanced formatting.

11:50 Insert Breaks and Page breaks and see how this affects options for headers and footers

12:10 Hyperlinking or linking words/sentences

12:40 Align and indentation options

13:12 Paint format to quickly copy the formatting to other text.

14:00 All about share settings and collaboration with others

14:30 Email collaborators of the document from within Google Docs

15:07 Email the document as an attachment (different file types)

15:45 Download the file as different file types

16:15 Version history and revision history

16:40 Page settings for Background color, Margins and orientation

17:36 Complete overview of the Tools menu in Google docs

17:43 Spelling and Grammar check

17:54 Word Count and live word count!

18:20 NEW!! Compare documents

19:00 The Explore button! Do research, Cite your sources, insert links and images + more

19:50 Cite your source using MLA, APA, or Chicago

21:16 Linked objects, where are they and how many am I using?

21:59 Voice typing works great for dictating text, but also works with punctuation!

22:23 Preferences Use preferences to auto change codes or text into something else!

Google Docs

Download the step by step pdf guide of creating assignments from e-books as pdfs and uploading to Google Classroom is available - here (compiled by Kevin Keena

Google Slides
slides 1.jpg
2. Working with Google Slides

Learn all of the basics of using Google Slides. This tutorial covers everything that you need to know to start creating professional presentations. 



0:00 Intro

0:20 Who can get Slides?

0:45 How Do I create a new Slideshow? Different ways of creating the files.

1:05 URL Shortcut for New Slides

1:20 Name your File

1:30 Organize your files by selecting a folder

1:55 Star your files for easy work

2:13 What are Themes or Templates in Google Slides

3:04 How do I add a new Slide to Google Slides

3:15 Add a Slide with pre-arranged object and placeholders

4:00 What can we add to our Slides?

4:20 Insert and image into your Slide

4:25 Why use the built-in Search for insert image?

4:45 Insert with Safe Search

5:20 Format Images

5:40 Use the Explore function in Slides for easy design

6:34 Speaker Notes

6:45 How to see speaker note when presenting

7:00 What is different about the Presenter View in Slides?

7:30 Timers when presenting in Presenter View

7:43 Audience Tools

7:50 Q&A in Presenter view with Google Slides

8:15 Q&A as a back-channel

8:50 How to hide of Skip a slide

9:30 Insert Video from YouTube

9:50 Insert Video with Safe Search

10:00 Format Options for Start and End Times

10:30 Video Playback Options

11:30 Version History and Version Info

12:30 Insert a Chart from Scratch or Use charts from Spreadsheets

12:45 Keep your Chart Linked to have an up to date Chart

13:15 Animations and Transitions in Slides

14:20 How to Auto play a Presentation by Publishing the Slides

15:00 Auto advance the slides at a set time

15:20 Copy Slides from Presentation to Presentation and KEEP them LINKED

16:20 See all your linked objects

16:40 Link within the Slideshow to different Slides(Great for Choose your Own Adventure style Slideshows)

17:35 Don't forget to leave your favorites in the Comments and Let me know which feature is the one you use the most!

Google Sites
3. Creating  a Project Website with Google Sites

0:00 Video Overview and Intro

0:45 Why create a Website. Plan your Website carefully.

1:23 Update: When was your website last updated. Let your visitors know!

1:45 Get started with the URL

2:00 Using the App Launcher and creating a file.

2:16 Title your document

2:35 The difference between a filename and a Website name.

3:00 Collaboration is Key

3:10 Invite Collaborators to help with the website

4:00 Using the Themes in Google Sites These will help you select font and colors.

4:24 Font in Themes

4:35 Custom color with a HEX code

4:45 Change the title of your page

4:55 Banner types. Different headers for different pages

5:20 Custom images for your banner Go ahead and try using Gifs as well!

4. How to Use Google Classroom 2020


0:33 How to access Google Classroom

1:50 Create and edit a class in Google Classroom

3:50 Add students to your Google Classroom

5:35 Showing how students join a class

6:25 Invite guardians and email students

7:03 Communicating in the Stream in Google Classroom with student view

9:56 Adding resources and materials in Google Classroom

13:57 Student view of resources and materials

14:23 Creating an assignment in Google Classroom

17:59 Student view of the assignment

19:47 Grading and returning assignment in Google Classroom

23:20 Students view of the returned assignment

Google Classroom

4. How to Use Google Forms 2020


0:10 Where to locate Google Forms

0:39 Starting with a new Google Form

1:30 Adding your first question

1:59 Different types of answers

2:34 Scales and Grids

3:09 Options at bottom of question, duplicate, bin and required

3:50 Adding further questions

4:27 Add "other" option

4:54 Moving answers, adding images and other options

5:55 Other options from the right tool bar

8:04 Dividing your questionnaire into sections

9:24 Customizing the form theme

10.31 Form preview

11.40 Google Forms Settings

13.27 Changing G Form to a Quiz 

13.57 Sending out Form

14.57 Viewing Responses

16.36 Viewing Responses in Google Sheets

Google Forms
Google Workspace
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