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Senior Classes and Seesaw - Some Website Ideas
Recommended Websites
Literacy for Senior Classes
  • Oxford Reading Tree - not just for Junior Classes, many great books for older readers - Level 15 to 20 in Oxford Owl, Project X has age appropriate subjects for SEN pupils at senior level and Treetops has some ideal books for the senior classes reader.  

  • Twinkl - a super resource for all classes, even Senior Classes. 

  • Topmarks - super website with oodles of ideas - try especially some of the suggestions for use with the Interactive Whiteboard. Many other games from Topmarks mentioned below. 

  • Look, Cover, Write, Check - one of the games from ICT Games, listed in Topmarks. Super game with words for practice at all levels. 

  • - encourages awareness of descriptive words. Great fun for pupils, very engaging.

  • The Literacy Shed - another suggestion from Topmarks, great ideas for Creative Writing.

  • Loom - super video recording solution - ideal for less than ideal broadband as files are saved as webpages rather than mp4 files as with Zoom

  • Toy Theater - the link will bring you straight to the Teacher Tools section - a super resource for senior classes and to assist with understanding of many Maths concepts (especially using interactive whiteboard. Take a look at the ART section

  • World Book Student - the link brings you straight to the STUDENT section - really deserves your attention, scroll the pictures on top for starters, then view the 360 deg Featured Media further down the same page. Check out the different voices that can be used and the word meanings that are available. 

  • Teaching Ideas - an amazing website, with buckets of free resources. Ideal for project work and classroom displays but no fee involved. Check out the Follow Me Fraction Cards

  • Avatar Maker - Great fun making their own avatar, could be linked to Creative Writing, Gaeilge and more. 

  • Points of View Newspaper Report - (please be aware this website takes around 5 minutes to load even with high speed broadband - but it's worth it). Absolutely brilliant guide to writing a story from an objective point of view. Ideal framework provided for pupils. Can't recommend this highly enough for Senior Classes. 

Recommended Websites
Numeracy for Senior Classes
  • Fraction Work - two websites mentioned on this page by Topmarks are great - Fractions Equality and Equivalent Fractions Finder.

  • Build a Fraction  - Another super website - ideal for work with the interactive whiteboard. 

  • Hit the Button - super website for revision of all addition, subtraction, multiplication and division tables.

  • Mary Immaculate College of Education - website list for teachers, regularly updated. 

  • Maths Aids - you have to ignore the many ads, but this website is ideal for custom-made resources, every activity can be tailored to your class needs.

  • The Teacher's Cornersimilar to Maths-Aids, tricky to get started but worth it in the end. Makes worksheets also.

Some Activities for Seniors

Activity 1 - Fractions - A simple pdf activity to get started with - have a go at this one from Maths Aids! Video available in Seesaw section.


Activity 2 - Dinosaur Project - Experimenting with sounds (new to Seesaw) and links to extra resources on Dinoasaurs


Activity 3 - Dinosaur Project - Laura's original project for Junior Infants on which the senior project was based


Activity 4 - Éin na hEireann - Work in progress. Again experimenting with new adding sound to objects for Gaeilge activity. Trying to recognise the birds by sight and their Irish name - English name available by moving the Irish name box. 


Activity 5 - Cinnín Óir - ag iarraidh na huirlisí nua Seesaw a úsáid chun Gaeilge labhartha agus scríofa a fheabhsú (fiséan le fáil faoi Cuid 1 den acmhainn seo - Google Slides).


Activity 6 - Animals of Africa - opportunity to see how Google Earth could be used to encourage pupils to learn about animals visiting waterholes in Africa - live webcams.

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