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 Suggested Assessment Websites for Pupils with SEN
Assessment Websites mentioned by Fiona on Summer Course 2023
Assessment Websites
  • Lucid Rapid - Identify the probability of dyslexia with fast whole-class digital screening for ages 4–15 years. This test is carried out on whole class, then Lucid Cops gives more detailed information for 4-7 and Lucid Lass for 8 to 15 years. Currently 369e per year from Edtech.

  • Lucid Cops - A child friendly assessment kit to identify learning strengths and weaknesses, assist with early detection of dyslexia and provides cognitive profiling for ages 4-8. It is available from Edtech but is also expensive and has a recurring fee.

  • Lucid Lass - Similar program with age appropriate assessment tests for ages 8-11. Also available from Edtech. Also expensive with recurring fee. YouTube video on Lass (4m 40 sec)

  • Lexplore - Ground breaking reading attainment assessment involving artificial intelligence.

  • Schonell Reading Test - Basic and very quick reading test - trusted by teachers for years - also can be found here on the Internet.

  • Schonell Spelling Test - Download - Free Spelling Test - not diagnostic but quick to administer and provides a spelling age for pupil. Can also be administered to a group at the same time. Download has test, instructions, scoring and resultant spelling ages. It also has pupil sheet for test completion. 

  • Vocabulary Spelling City - some free games, most require payment. Ideal to encourage learning of Dolch words etc.

  • PhAB Test - test for phonological awareness. This leaflet gives details of cost and aims of test. 

  • Lexia Learning - graded reading scheme for children having difficulties with reading - expensive but effective.

  • Dynamo Maths -designed to assist with detection of dyscalculia, delivers individual support plan but expensive. 

  • Free Graded Maths Assessment Tests - from English system, great guide for teachers new to Learning Support and provides accurate data ideal for planning individualised learning targets based on solid evidence.

  • Phonics Screening - explained - Phonic Screen 2022 - access available to all the UK early screening tests for literacy and numeracy - Key Stage 1 and 2.

  • Selection of Diagnostic Tests in use at St. Patrick's BNS - list provided by Mary Galvin, Deputy Principal with responsibility for SEN at the school - Word Format and PDF format

  • D-Ten - The DTEN is a screening and a diagnostic test suitable for use with pupils at the end of Senior Infants and the beginning of First Class who are experiencing some difficulty in ‎acquiring basic numeracy concepts.

  • D-Tel - The DTEL is a screening and a diagnostic test suitable for use with pupils at the end of Senior Infants and the beginning of First Class who are experiencing some difficulty in ‎learning to read.

  • BIAP - Belfield Infant Assessment Profile - The BIAP is a screening instrument designed to assist teachers in identifying the particular strengths and needs of children in the infants classes of primary schools in Ireland. 

  • YARC - The YARC provides an in-depth analysis of reading and comprehension skills for children aged 4-16 years. It identifies specific problems with word recognition, reading fluency or reading comprehension and informs on the best and most appropriate interventions to support the individual-£360 sterling.

  • PM Benchmark Kit - provides an assessment system for accurate identification of pupils’ reading levels. Sitting alongside the PM series this comprehensive assessment tool corresponds exactly to ‘Book Bands for Guided Reading’, or can be used independently to ensure consistent leveling of readers - £400 sterling.

  • Improving Learning Through Dynamic Assessment is a practical tool (Book - £40 sterling) for helping to assess and support children aged 4+ with learning challenges based on an innovative approach. Contrasting with traditional ‘static’ assessment methods, this resource enables educational psychologists and related professionals to involve the child actively in the process of assessment – allowing them to measure not just what the child has learnt, but also how the child learns, how responsive they are to attempts to intervene, and what is holding them back from learning.

  • PEP-3 is a revision of the popular instrument that has been used for more than 20 years to assess the skills and behaviors of children with autism and communicative disabilities who function between the ages of 6 months to 7 years.

  • SWST - Single Word Spelling Test - To differentiate spelling groups - available for download free of charge, providing PPTs and webpages of spelling groups. 

  • The Dyscalculia Assessment (Book - €36.23)  is a tool for investigating pupils' numeracy abilities. It is designed to inform a personalised teaching programme for individuals or small groups of pupils who have difficulties with numbers - Don't be put off by the title - this is for any pupil who has numeracy issues, with or without a diagnosis of dyscalculia. Designed to inform teaching for individuals or small groups with numeracy difficulties. Photocopiable assessments, as well as follow-up activities to support numeracy interventions.


Full list of websites and resources for primary schools - from Mary Immaculate College of Education (SEN) = this website is updated regularly by Mary I. 


Google Chrome Extensions and Apps - Google App Store (all SEN)

  • Read and Write for Google Chrome - sign up for free is available for teachers - here

  • Google Dictionary - Brilliant (and free) add on that works with any website - making it easier for pupils to work independently

  • Voice Recognition - great app and extension that allows pupils to speak to laptop or ipad and have their words magically appear in Google Docs - quite accurate.

  • Open Dyslexic - great extension which allows all websites to be viewed with Open Dyslexic font - ideal for all dyslexics.

  • Select and Speak - Takes the place of Chrome Speak - reads any text on any website.

  • Talkie - Does the same job as Select and Speak.  

  • Mote - fast and easy to use voice messaging, very handy for project work, corrections.

  • Kami - can make pdfs of documents created using Google Docs etc.

  • Screencastify - allows screen capture for tuition purposes, free. 

Extensions for Microsoft Edge

  • Talkie - does the same job as Select and Speak. Right click to use on any website once installed.

  • Open Dyslexic - as Google Chrome

Follow-Up Information on Lexplore

Stephen promised on the Zoom meeting that he would provide further information links. He has been true to his word - here they are:


The Lexplore Intensive information is here -

The webinar with the FAQ’s is here, I recommend it -


We need to get more information from research and development on the comprehension score. Bear with us on that. Ultimately, you can see the amount of correct answers and make lots of inferences from that, also the understanding that the comprehension score forms 20% of the overall ability score. Our research team have explained that people do adjust pace to accommodate comprehension, so these subjective insights as noted in the demo are important, it’s never so straightforward….it is often a case of blending the reading components together, looking at how they work together and then inferring some results from there.



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