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Some Suggestions for Motor Skill Development

A special word of thanks to all those on Summer Course on ICTs for SEN 2022 for suggesting the links on the right. They wouldn't be available without their sharing of their expertise and experience.

Links Suggested By Summer Course Participants for Gross and Fine Motor Skill Development 

14 of the Best Apps for Children with ADHD

20 Games to Improve Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills - You Tube Video - simple ideas

Sensory Circuits - LDA - Jane Horwood - games for developing gross motor skills - available from ABC School - €26.99

Brain Calm - a series of courses for teachers/SNAs to assist with managing poor concentration, emotions and anxiety. Expensive.

Go Noodle - The go to program used by mainstream teachers all over the country for gross motor skills and to provide brain breaks.

Smart Moves - a programme to help build resilience when pupils transfer to secondary school. 

The Fizzy Programme - NHS - The FIZZY and Clever Hands Programmes are recommended by occupational therapy as programmes for schools to use to assist in the development of motor skills for those children who find this challenging. These are excellent downloadable leaflets.


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