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How to: First/Then Activity 

First/Then Schedule - from NCSE website

First/Then schedules are a simple but effective way of organising a child’s day to help alleviate anxiety of the unknown and to provide structure and routine.


Simply put, First/Then schedules show what the child will do FIRST and THEN what happens next.

In the beginning, it is important to ensure that the item that is FIRST is short and that the child can complete it.

It is also important that THEN they receive a high interest object or activity.

On the following page there is a blank First/Then that can be printed and laminated.

Laminated First/Then schedules are handy to have because, if you’re stuck, they can be drawn on with whiteboard markers

1. Creating a First/Then schedule using simple free resources - Google Docs and The video covers all of the First/Then's pictured on the left hand side here. 

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