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Useful Websites for Literacy/Numeracy and SEN.  - Updated 14/08/18  - All resources suited for pupils with SEN marked (SEN)


  • Seomra Ranga - full list of links appropriate to Irish schools. (SEN)

  • ABCteach - Teaching materials, free printable worksheets, reading comprehension and more...some free.. (SEN) some for members $39 per year

  • Storyboard That - excellent cartoon strip creator but very limited in free version.

  • My Storybook - Simple story book creator - very user friendly.

  • Storybird - Create a story/poem from scratch using some beautiful graphics freely provided. Also set up class group.

  • Storyline Online - Short stories read aloud and recorded on video.

  • Into the Book - Comprehension strategies for primary school readers - games encourage children to evaluate.

  • Storyberries - Another great resource to stimulate reading - many 5 minute stories - great for break (SEN).

  • Oxford Owl - Oxford Reading Tree books and much more - many free resources - need to sign up. (SEN)

  • Young Explorer - from National Geographic. Ideal for introducing younger pupils to the wonders of nature - very colourful.

  • Ellis Island Interactive Tour - gives a very clear introduction to immigration.

  • Read, Write, Think - provides tools for creative writing - imaginative and different.

  • Glencoe Manipulatives - very useful visual support for attaining Maths concepts - no sign up required**

  • Scholastic - the book website has an amazing set of interactive games for pupils in all subject areas - try Studyjams

  • Seomra Ranga - as you would imagine, directly relates to Irish curriculum - very useful.

  • Sight Words - a great resource for creating word lists and flashcards. (SEN)

  • Weebly - full list of interactive Maths resources and websites to support SEN (and mainstream) (SEN)

  • Weebly - full list of interactive Language resources and websites to support SEN (and mainstream) (SEN)

  • Topmarks - very useful for SEN and junior classes. (SEN)

  • Google Chrome Store - source of all apps and extensions for Google Chrome.

  • Writing Genres Booklet - pdf download from PDST website

  • Tumble Books - Yet another reservoir of online books. (SEN)

  • Kahoot - Very useful and fun way to revise a topic on any subject.

  • Teachnet - primary school websites recommended for an Irish context.

  • SEN Teacher - a super website for creating resources for SEN pupils on time and money in particular. (SEN)

  • Instant Display - A great resource for banners, posters, projects etc. Ready to print. (SEN)

  • SESS - super website with loads of resources particularly for pupils with SEN - great worksheets. (SEN)

  • Twinkl - A fantastic website for SNAs to create flashcards, banners and buckets of resources - (SEN) cost €43 per year - can't print otherwise.

  • The Teacher's Corner - a super website for creating resources, word-puzzles, scrambled words and much more. (SEN)

  • The Literacy Shed - all genre writing, oral language and lesson plans.

  • Worksheet Factory - a great resource for creating worksheets - (SEN) full functioning trial version available for 30 days - basic licence is $29, site licence for WF is $165

  • Starfall -  Very popular early reading website - very colourful and well thought out. (SEN)

  • Clare Education Centre - Resource Page -  They have some excellent links to resources and interactive games at all levels of the primary school. (SEN)

  • Boardmaker Online - Sign up for a free trial of Boardmaker - 30 day trial. (SEN)

  • Interactive Christmas Sites - Great resource - some timed games - making them fun and educational - ideal for pupils with SEN. (SEN)

  • Dú - 1939 Folklore collection online - Great resource that every school should check out.

  • Google Treks - amazing 360 degree views of landmarks of the world

  • Google Arts and Culture - amazing resource, allowing pupils to feel they are in the museum or art gallery (was Google Cultural Institute)

  • Newsela - short news stories with changeable amounts of text. 

  • Viking Dublin - Brilliant source of simple information and cartoon videos on living in Dublin through the ages.

  • Teaching Fractions - Brilliant for work on fractions, decimals, percentages with all classes from third to sixth (SEN) - £99+vat (once off) if you decide to buy

  • Blockly - a brilliant website to introduce Scratch in 10 super puzzles.

  • Scratch - Super programming website - used by everyone as program writer for children

  • Kleki -  a super introduction to paint tools - suitable for all ages but especially younger pupils

  • SESS iPad Apps - Apps recommended by teachers on NCSE website (SEN)

  • SESS - Assistive Technology Tips on SESS website

  • SESS - software suppliers around the country - full contact details



...more always being check again.


Full list of websites and resources for primary schools - from Mary Immaculate College of Education 

Interactive Whiteboard Videos (NCTE created - now in PDST technology website)


Google Chrome Extensions and Apps - Google App Store (all SEN)

  • Read and Write for Google Chrome - sign up for free is available for teachers - here

  • Google Dictionary - Brilliant (and free) add on that works with any website - making it easier for pupils to work independently

  • Voice Recognition - great app and extension that allows pupils to speak to laptop or ipad and have their words magically appear in Google Docs - quite accurate.

  • Open Dyslexic - great extension which allows all websites to be viewed with Open Dyslexic font - ideal for all dyslexics.

  • Select and Speak - Takes the place of Chrome Speak - reads any text on any website. 



100 Word Challenge website 

Samples of 100 Word Challenge - Ireland

4th Class blog - St Pats BNS


Paint Shop Pro 5 - challenges

Challenge 1 - Challenge 2 - Challenge 3 - Challenge 4 - Challenge 5 - Challenge 6


Microsoft Word - Awards

ISA Course - Day 6 Resources

INTO Intouch Mag - Co-operative Games

PDST Links to Cooperative Games

Videos of Co-operative Games for Kids on YouTube and also here

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