​Simple Asessment Tests - Literacy and Numeracy - Updated April 2021

  • Schonell Reading Test - simple but effective standardised reading test that can be administered and scored in 15 minutes. Wordlist available for free download (Word format) from Seomra Ranga - here  and instructions and scoring sheet and reading ages - here.

  • Schonell Spelling Test - Download - Free Spelling Test - not diagnostic but quick to administer and provides a spelling age for pupil. Can also be administered to a group at the same time. Download has test, instructions, scoring and resultant spelling ages. It also has pupil sheet for test completion. 

  • Vocabulary Spelling City - some free games, most require payment. Ideal to encourage learning of Dolch words etc.

  • Free Graded Maths Assessment Tests - from English system, great guide for teachers new to Learning Support and provides accurate data ideal for planning individualised learning targets based on solid evidence.

  • April 2021 - Selection of Diagnostic Tests in use at St. Patrick's BNS - list provided by Mary Galvin, Deputy Principal in charge of SEN at the school - Word Format and PDF format


Full list of websites and resources for primary schools - from Mary Immaculate College of Education (SEN)


Google Chrome Extensions and Apps - Google App Store (all SEN)

  • Read and Write for Google Chrome - sign up for free is available for teachers - here

  • Google Dictionary - Brilliant (and free) add on that works with any website - making it easier for pupils to work independently

  • Voice Recognition - great app and extension that allows pupils to speak to laptop or ipad and have their words magically appear in Google Docs - quite accurate.

  • Open Dyslexic - great extension which allows all websites to be viewed with Open Dyslexic font - ideal for all dyslexics.

  • Select and Speak - Takes the place of Chrome Speak - reads any text on any website. 

Extensions for Microsoft Edge

  • Talkie - does the same job as Select and Speak. Right click to use on any website once installed.

  • Open Dyslexic - as Google Chrome

100 Word Challenge website 

Samples of 100 Word Challenge - Ireland


Full pdf of Resource Course for SEN 

ISA Course - Day 6 Resources

INTO Intouch Mag - Co-operative Games

Download ideas sheet for use with parachute

PDST Links to Cooperative Games

Videos of Co-operative Games for Kids on YouTube and also here

Download super pdf (27 pages) explaining how Parachute Games are excellent in so many situations.